What Is Our Story?

Our story began with taking care of my own family and trying to search for the best healthcare solutions that was excellent in their service, attitude and delivery. This would give me great confidence that my family would receive the best treatment.

My story continued in the later years when I started to support and invest in healthcare companies and solutions designed to provide a successful initiative to patients that will help them cure their diagnosis and keep them on track to full recovery.

I spoke to a lot of people and most people really do not know where to go to get the best treatments for their normal day to day healthcare needs.

Although with public healthcare being available to all, it is often most commonly known that you will not receive the full satisfaction and the quality of service you deserve, instead it is always a patch up or another excuse to get you back in and take forever to give you the treatment you need to move forward.

However, knowing there are a few exceptional public and private healthcare organizations, there wasn’t much awareness created around it, so no one would actually know they’d exist.

This is how Parmi Healthcare was born, I treat everyone like family and my passion is healthcare and finding the best healthcare solutions and initiatives, researching thousands of global healthcare organizations, I am on a mission to find the best and provide the best all under one roof, giving you the ultimate access and gateway to the world’s best healthcare solutions.

As an investor, my desire is to grow to help provides hundreds even thousands of healthcare opportunities, focusing mainly on the technology advances in healthcare, preparing your health for the next decades.

I am excited to welcome you to join me on this journey and help share knowledge of healthcare organizations that has helped or even transformed your life for the better.

The world deserves better healthcare, even if it costs, getting you in front of the best healthcare organizations with the right quality service, attitude and delivery is our passion.

Welcome to Parmi Healthcare.

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