At Parmi Healthcare, we strive to partner with the worlds best healthcare providers to deliver the best healthcare initiative and solutions designed to help have a transformational impact into the livelihoods of our day to day lives and needs.

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We At parmi healthcare are

Investing In Transformational Healthcare


Parmi Healthcare aims to encapsulate the best solutions and advanced technologies that the healthcare industry has to offer in the next decade.

We look ahead on impactful and sustainable healthcare solutions that will impact our customers in the long term.

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Our healthcare services are currently located in the UK in three areas Milton Keynes, Gatwick and Ealing. Where we currently provide 2 healthcare solutions, RT-PCR testing and Pregnancy services such as Early Pregnancy (Ealing only)

As this is only the start, we are excited to add more healthcare initiatives, helping to provide you with the ultimate healthcare solutions and program all underneath one umbrella at Parmi Healthcare.

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